Our Story

On July 1st, 2010 Ryan Finneran was riding passenger on his way to a baseball tournament the summer before his senior year of high school. After proceeding through a 4-way intersection, him and his teammate were struck on the passenger side of the car. Fortunately, the driver of the car was not physically hurt. Ryan was found on the scene in serious condition.

After removing Ryan from the car with "Jaws-of-Life" and being ventilated, Ryan was airlifted to U of M Mott's Children Hospital. There it was determined that Ryan suffered from a traumatic brain injury, a bruised spleen and liver, as well as a deep cut above his right eyebrow.

Having spent 17 days in a coma, and only a 5% chance of waking up agai, Ryan defeated the odds and woke up to begin his journey to recovery.

Ryan's Road to Recovery

Ryan endured intense physcial, occupational, and speech therapy to regain various basic skills he lost due to injuries he incurred from his accident. Ryan dedicated every day to becoming stronger both mentally and physically. After 49 days spent in the hospital, Ryan was then discharged and continued with out-patient therapy.

After being able to finish his senior year of high school, Ryan then went on to obtain a Bachelor's degree from Central Michigan University. Ryan double-majroed in Marketing and Logistics and now currently works works for Amazon.

The Beginning of Finn Foundation Inc

The accident became a defining moment for the Finneran Family. Tragedy not only struck Ryan, but also his surrounding loved ones. After witnessing the hardships that followed the accident first-hand, Ryan's siblings decided to sell t-shirts and wristbands to help offset the cost of medical bills.

The support of the local community of South Lyon made the fundraisers possible and futher inspired Ryan's family.

In 2012, Ryan's family came together and officially formed Finn Foundation Inc (formally known as Team Finn) a 501(c)3 non-profit organization.